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Books to help your child, class, school, or district to gain confidence in and succeed in math.

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31 days of study strategies. and growth mindset experiments for high school and college math students. 

Crush because I don't want you to timidly scrape by in math, barely pass, and end your class unconfident in your skills and abilities.

Math because that's the challenge you face today, the requirement your school or program requires of you.

Experiments because the key to reaching any goal is taking action. Not just any action, though. Effective action. How do you know which actions are effective? By experimenting with different actions until you find the ones that get you the results that you want.

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A math mindset lesson wrapped in cute 2nd-grade-reading-level kitten fiction.

It all started the day my calculator turned me into a kitten…

One second, I was sitting in class. The next, I’m a kitten in a cold alley and all the kittens around me think I’m their big sister. Can I find food, so my new family survives? ...And how will I ever get home?

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This passion project with Professor Jennifer Flenner shares our 5-Step Method to help Introductory Statistics students crush hypothesis testing. We've worked tirelessly to make this complex concept easier, friendlier, and more understandable.

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Inspired by the Allison Loves Math Podcast #44 Using Gratitude to Help Students Overcome Math Anxiety, I partnered with Nicole Thomson to create a growth mindset journal to help 4th-8th grade students to succeed in and love math.

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A few years back, I had some health problems and had to take a year off of teaching. I used the time to write Crush Math Now, a study guide packed with the all advice I've given students over the years on math mindset, study skills, and test-taking strategies.

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This short book, which is a toughen-up math manifesto mixed with you-can-do-it enthusiasm, is an open educational resource, meaning you can share it freely with friends, students, and colleagues. 

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