#45 The Love Math Journal with Nicole Thomson

allison loves math podcast May 25, 2021

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In today’s episode, my co-author Nicole Thomson and I talk about a new growth mindset resource we’ve created for 4th-8th graders called the Love Math Journal!

You can get the Love Math Journal today on Amazon.com and, for Nicole's Canadian friends, you can also get it on Amazon.ca!

In the interview, Nicole and I discuss:

  • How our first podcast interview evolved into a unique joint project, combining my work in math and mindset with Nicole’s work with gratitude and happiness.

  • The many reasons why it’s important for students to love math and how we as teachers and parents can help students to value math and enjoy learning it.

  • What growth mindset and fixed mindsets are and how they affect a student’s ability to succeed in math

  • What gratitude and affirmations are, how they help students strengthen social and emotional skills, and how to consistently integrate this into how we teach math.

  • How the Love Math Journal is a quick and easy resource for teachers, who want to help their students develop growth mindsets, think more deeply about how they approach math, and, ultimately, love math.

Nicole is a former elementary school teacher, founder of The Fulfill Classroom, and author of The Little Things. You can find out more about Nicole at https://www.thefulfilledclassroom.com/.

You can find out more about Allison at www.allisonlovesmath.com.

Watch the original video recording of this podcast interview on YouTube: