#18 SAT and ACT Advice for High-Achieving Students with Amy Seeley

allison loves math podcast Dec 17, 2020

What do high-achieving students need to know about the SAT and ACT? Amy Seeley, the co-founder of the National Test Prep Association, shares the inside scoop for parents whose kids are applying to the most competitive colleges.

Amy Seeley is the founder of Seeley Test Pros, the co-host of the Tests and the Rest Podcast, and an ACT certified trainer. In this episode, Amy discusses:

  • How the pandemic has affected the SAT and ACT
  • Which test is easier to earn a perfect score
  • What to do if you think your child could be a National Merit Scholar
  • Should your child take the SAT, ACT or both? 
  • Differences between hard SAT and hard ACT math questions

 You can learn more about how to work with Amy at www.seeleytestpros.com.

 You can listen to the Tests and The Rest Podcast at 


Amy and her co-host Mike Bergin interviewed Allison in #84 High-Impact Strategies to Help Students Succeed in Math

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