#47 The Importance of Statistics

allison loves math podcast Jun 08, 2021

In today’s podcast, I'm experimenting with a new episode format! There's no guest and it's going to be a short and quick episode geared towards Statistics students. If you’re a Statistics teacher, I encourage you to share this podcast episode or the YouTube video with your class. It even comes with a quick assignment at the end: Answer the question, “Why is Statistics important for you?”

In this short episode for students, I discuss:

  • Why you should never take a class or spend time on things that are not important or meaningful.
  • How Statistics is relevant to our everyday lives and a crucial component to understanding the world.
  • The ways Statistics will prepare you for and impact your career, even if it’s a career that’s not STEM-related.
  • Why it’s important to take classes that are challenging and confusing, like Statistics.

Watch the original video recording of this podcast interview on YouTube:

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