#78 Math is FigureOutAble with Pam Harris

Jan 25, 2023

As a young student and far too long as a young teacher, I actually bought into the myth that math was rote memorizable… I now have a different bent.  - Pam Harris

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Today, Allison interviews Pam Harris, the author of Building Powerful Numeracy and host of the Math is FigurOutAble Podcast. A former secondary mathematics teacher, Pam is a K-12 mathematics education consultant, a T3 (Teachers Teaching with Technology) National Instructor, and a nationally known speaker. 

Pam discusses:

  • What is means for math to be “FigureOutAble”
  • How algorithms do (and do not) play a role in math classrooms
  • How to deal with pushback from teachers to cling to teaching algorithms first
  • A fun routine for teaching numeracy with ten partners and hundred partners

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