#41 Five Tips to Help Students Develop a Math Positive Mindset with Carrie Cutler

allison loves math podcast Apr 25, 2021

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Today, I interview Dr. Carrie Cutler, a clinical assistant professor of Elementary Mathematics Education at the University of Houston and the author of Math-Positive Mindsets, about 5 strategies teachers and parents can use to help students approach math in a positive way.

Carrie covers:

  • The importance of understanding and reinforcing the idea that everyone is a “math person”
  • The ways in which kids pick up their math positive (or negative) behaviors and beliefs from their parents and teachers
  • How embracing productive struggle will help students persevere in math and challenges
  • The brain research behind fixed and growth mindsets
  • How to prevent your personal math anxiety from causing math anxiety in the students and kids in your life

You can learn more about Carrie here: https://www.carriecutler.com

You can purchase Carrie’s book, Math- Positive Mindsets, here: https://www.amazon.com/Math-Positive-Mindsets-Growing-Childs-without/dp/1935099841

Watch the original video recording of this podcast interview on YouTube: