Hi! I'm Allison!

And I love math because it teaches kids...

  • To solve problems

  • To endure when things get difficult

  • To pick themselves up when they fall

  • To power through

  • And to do the things they thought they could not do.

Let’s build a world that loves math!


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I've partnered with Nicole Thomson, founder of The Fulfilled Classroom and author of The Little Things, to create a math resource, unlike anything we've seen before.

The Love Math Journal blends my work in math and mindset with Nicole's work in happiness and gratitude to create to create a fun and friendly journal that will help your students and kids to build confidence in and a passion for math!

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The Allison Loves Math Podcast

Celebrating leaders, legends, and trailblazers who are building a world that loves math!

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Love Math Quick Start Guide

Hi, friend!

Wouldn't it be amazing if your students and kids loved math? You're in luck! I've compiled some awesome resources that I know will help you to make this happen! Here are your free resources:

  • 17 Simple Ideas to Inspire your Students and Kids to Love Math and a customizable worksheet to track your inspiration and progress,
  • A free downloadable copy of my book Raise Your Math Grade and all the resources and references from the book,
  • A Crush Math Anxiety Weekly Gameplan and access to my Math Anxiety Resource Vault.
  • Podcast interviews, book updates, and other awesome math gems to inspire your kids and students!

Inspiring your students and children to love math is the shortcut to their success and I know these free resources can help you to make that happen. Give them try and let me know how it goes! Enjoy!

Your friend, Allison

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